Frequently Asked Questions - Patient

Saint Priv'App does not replace the medical advice from a health professional. In case of medical issues, it is highly recommended to contact your healthcare center by referring to the registration summary you received after being enrolled.

L'application Saint Priv'App permet d'établir un suivi et un lien privilégié avec votre établissement de santé tout en vous permettant d'échanger de manière sécurisée des informations administratives et médicales depuis chez vous. Ainsi, votre accompagnement tout au long de votre parcours de soins est facilité afin que vous soyez dans les meilleures conditions possibles. Chaque établissement de santé conserve la possibilité de proposer tout ou partie des fonctionnalités disponibles dans la solution Saint Priv'App.

I received my IDs by email/text message
You received your login details by email and/or text message or by your healthcare center. If you can’t find the said email or text message, please contact the reception of your healthcare center. They will give you your username.

I activate my account with the activation code
Your received login details and your activation code by email and/or text message. The activation code is valid for 72h.
To activate your account, click on the “Activate my account” link on the application login page and enter your login information. You will then have to set your password.

I activate my account with the “Activate my account” link in the email
By clicking on the “Activate my account” button in the email you received, you are redirected to the activation page of your Saint Priv'App account. You will then have to set your password.

I waited more than 72h to activate my account
The generated activation code is inactive. To activate your account, you can ask your healthcare center to generate a new registration summary with a new activation code valid for 72h. You can also use the “Forgotten password” feature on the application login page to generate a new code from your login information.

If you have forgotten your password you can click on the hyperlink « Forgotten Password » available on the e-fitback login page of your healthcare center. You will then have to enter your username and choose the way you want to reset your password: via text message or email. Depending on which option you choose, you will receive a link or code that will let you enter your new password.

The Saint Priv'App app is available for free :
- On Android devices via the Google Store, from version 4.1. This version is compatible with smartphones and tablets.
- On iOS devices via the App Store, from version 9.0. This version is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

An internet connection is required to use all the features of the mobile app. If your mobile phone is not compatible, the web version is available on all web browsers via the following login page:

Check the quality of your internet connection and the accuracy of your username and password. If you still cannot login after these checks, please contact your healthcare center. They will do what is necessary to solve this. In case you cannot log in, you will find the phone number on the e-fitback login page of your healthcare center.

For any other dysfunction, please contact your healthcare center and specify the following: username, your healthcare center, the browser used and its version number, and the description of the dysfunction encountered. If you use the mobile app, please precise the model of your smartphone or tablet and its IOS version.

Your personal information and password can be changed from the « My Account » icon on your dashboard. Some of your personal information cannot be modified by yourself, for example your last name or the name of your physician or surgeon. In case of any change in this information, you must report them to your healthcare center.

If you want more information on the treatment of your personal data, we invite you to refer to the Terms of Use signed during your first login. You can find them by going to the "Help" tab on the e-fitback dashboard and by clicking on the link "Terms of Use".

Once you validate a form or a checklist, you can no longer modify it. Therefore, you must contact your healthcare center via the Saint Priv'App secured messaging service (if enabled by your center) or by phone to inform them of these changes.

Your personal data is completely safe and hosted in a certified health data hoster.

The company Nouveal has developed innovative measures allowing the use of the camera without the photos being stored in the photo gallery of the phone. The photos remain in the application and in case of loss or theft of the phone, the user has nothing to worry about regarding access to his/her personal data.

In accordance with the GDPR law of May 25th, 2018 and thus with article 17, if you wish to remove the Saint Priv'App app, and thus no longer use it, you must report it to your healthcare center and request the deletion of your data. The healthcare center will inform us of your wish.

Warning : deleting the data of the Saint Priv'App app from your smartphone does not imply the deletion of data related to your account. You will always have access to it later via mobile phone or a web browser.

If you want to know more about the legal notices, please visit Legal Notices. The Terms of Use and the data privacy policy signed during your first login are available in the "Help" tab of your dashboard.

The FAQ has not answered your issue? You can either follow the instructions given by your surgeon as part of your postoperative follow-up or make any other requests directly to your healthcare center.